Takker TS-20 Takks Refill Pack

code: 88516520


Printer Manufacturer
Takker Limited


Takker Refill PackContains 36 Takks which are easily re-loaded into the Takker. Each Takk holds up to 10Kgs/22lbs and careful removal using the built-in catch on the Takker will leave a barely visible 1mm hole. Can be used on its own to hang items or can be used with the Takker Hooks for hanging larger items. These Takks are for the Original Takker only.Hardwall Takker refill packs are available here. InformationPack of 36 TakksEach Takk holds up to 10 Kgs/22lbsFull user instructions on packSuitable for plaster, plasterboard and wood.NOT suitable for exposed brick, exposed concrete block or plaster containing a high cement contentSuitable for use indoors and outdoorsTakks easily removed from surface using build-in catch