Delivery & Returns

Returns and Delivery




We are aware that returns can be the bane of our customers lives, so we have simplified the process, once the following steps are followed, the returns process is painless!


Returns must be reported online. The Sales invoice number, product code, batch number and specific problem must be reported. Inkjet cartridges do not require batch numbers. Tradesupply will issue a sales return note. The sales return note must be placed with the respective product with which it relates. The product must be correctly packaged for transport, placed in an appropriate bag and then sealed, the product must then be placed in a cardboard box and sealed completely. Tradesupply will collect the product the first week of every month (first 5 working days). In the case of returning from an end user, it will be collected within 3 working days. The product is collected by our courier and returned to our warehouse. The product is processed through our returns process, where it is verified, tested and reported upon. This process can take up to 3 weeks to complete. Once the return has been approved a credit is issued on the customer’s account. Should the product fail the returns process, the customer will be informed by email and the product will be returned on the customer’s next sales order. Tradesupply takes product quality very seriously, and treats any suspected failures with the highest priority. It is for this reason that Tradesupply has invested in its testing area, in which over 50 test printers are located. All product returns go through a strict testing procedure. It is with your help and cooperation we can offer products of the highest quality. So we would ask you to follow our returns policy. Should a suspected failure occur with an end user, it is our priority to replace the product in question quickly and decisively. Your customer will receive the replacement product the very next day, or same day where possible. It is our aim to keep your customer happy and with as little interruption to their business as possible. We are aware that it is your reputation at stake, and it is our responsibility to ensure your reputation remains intact. Suspected faulty product is collected within 3 working days. Collection will be attempted once. Should collection not be available, future collection attempted will be chargeable. Products (non defective) can be returned to stock within two months of purchase, the same process must be followed. A 20% restocking fee will apply. Product must not be opened or have been used to return to stock. Returning to stock returns must be delivered to Tradesupply by the customer.

Returns policy in short:

1. Report the return online:

2. Confirm ALL details correctly
3. Confirm if and where a replacement product is to be sent
4. Print and place the RMA note with the product
5. Package the return for collection by Tradesupply
6. Collection will be attempted once 




Delivery is provided by a third party courier company. All orders shipped before 5:30pm will be delivered in Ireland and Northern Ireland the following day. The courier has up until 5:30pm to deliver the order. Customers are emailed all tracking numbers for their orders by email, sent to the default email on the customers account. Please use this information to track your order, and if required to make contact with the courier company to provide and estimated time of arrival.


Tradesupply support cannot provide information relating to the specific time of a delivery, whom the order was received by, what time the order was delivered. All information relating to the delivery of an order can only be gained from the third party courier company.


Tradesupply provides exceptionally low delivery charges to customers and to third parties. Delivery is guaranteed to be next day, unless otherwise stated, and delivery time can be up until 5:30pm. Exceptional cases, particularly over the Christmas period, deliveries can be delayed due to traffic, weather and high volume, we appreciate your patience during these times.


Should you require guaranteed delivery times, there will be an extra charge, please contact our sales team for further details.